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A desk without a notepad is just a table. Get notepads and move from your kitchen to an office!


Notepad with Alberta Printers logo on it - notepads printing

Who doesn’t like them? With grids, lines or just blank – stay close to your customers every day!

Imagine notepads with your brand identity and contact information on every page. In time, these pages will be spread over different places and reach different people. Whether you are in a sales meeting or handing out construction estimates, notepads with proper design make you look professional.

People never throw away notepads because it is a practical item that they can use day to day in their business or at home. They will stay with the end user for the longest time compared to most other promotional material, and putting your logo and message visible to your clients every time they reach towards their notepad to jot something down.

Notepad options and styles we offer but are not limited to:

  • Glue binding
  • Coil bound
  • Double wire bound
  • Various sizes from pocket-sized to half-letter size
  • One-colour, two-colour or full-colour
  • Lined or blank pages

Whether you need 10 sheets per pad or 5 sheets per pad, our in-house print capability will serve cost effective and quality competency on same plate. Ten notepads for small scale distribution or 50,000+ for massive mail out, Alberta Printers has in-house design and print solutions for notepads printing. Take advantage of our expertise!

A small sample of the specialized notepads printing we offer:

  • Notepads for hotels and conference centres
  • Pocket-sized Safety Checklist pads
  • Notepads for estimates and quotes
  • Sticky notes
  • Professional prescription pads for your clinic or medical centre

Want to know more?

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