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Our hocus-pocus offer includes offset, digital printing and graphic designing of flyers, letterheads, menus, envelopes, labels, tickets, notepads, brochures, postcards, presentation folders, invoices, forms, driver's daily log books, vehicle inspections, safety forms and much, much more!


Alberta Printers - ServicesHigh quality offset and digital printing, outstanding graphic design - that's our daily special! If you think we can help you, check details of our services now.


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Alberta Printers - How we do itThe key to success is a great and experienced team. We got it all. That's why we are always proud of our final products and exceptional service!



Alberta Printers - SupportWe share our knowledge! Learn how to prepare your files for printing, download useful templates and get technical support step by step!


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The Beauty of Offset Printing

Offset Print ShopOffset Printing is considered the most cost effective and high quality printing of all time. Our print shop offers state-of-the-art in-house offset print solutions.

Looking for large run brochures, coupons, and flyers with eye-popping colour and crisp quality? Offset Printing, also known as lithography, is one of the oldest and still popular printing techniques. The process involves creating multiple ‘plates’ that are used to print any number of copies.

Nothing compares to the ink quality of offset printing. The ink penetrates inside the paper fibre for long lasting life. The inks are rich and seamless, with a fine dot structure. Offset printing allows us to match Pantone colours; up to three at a time. We can also easily produce metallic and pastel colours with offset printing.

The cost to make the plates and the time required to get the first print is higher than the set up for digital printing. Whether you need one print or 10,000+ prints, the startup cost is the same. Hence, offset printing is perfect for those specialized jobs of high quantity. Alberta Printers is your print shop for long run, high quality offset printing!

The Speed of Digital Printing

Digital Print ShopAs the saying goes, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Digital printing brings fast and efficient short run solutions.

Don’t need a thousand business cards when you’re just starting out? Just want to print a couple of posters for your gig? Digital Printing answers the need for quick and small quantities. The main use of digital printing is printing short run, fast paced business cards, brochures, flyers, notepads, posters, etc. either in colour or black & white.

Digital printing also eliminates the need to make plates and the savings compensate the high cost per piece. Your files are printed directly from the computer, and set up digitally instead of using physical plates. Hence, the process is ideal for shorter runs, with no need to set a minimum quantity for most jobs.

The limitations of digital printing include colour consistency because colours and Pantones are converted to CMYK mixtures. Metallic and pastel colours pose a challenge as well, and are better off printed on offset. However, digital printing accounts for over half of the current printing jobs and are slowly taking over as the cost effective alternative to offset printing.