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From coiled booklets to hard cover books. Print your book with us and see how easy it is!

Book Printing Services

Sample book showing book printing capabilities
Looking to print your book? We know the long journey towards planning, drafting, editing and publishing a book. After the hard work and time you’ve poured into your book, it deserves to be printed by a professional team who knows what they’re doing. We offer a wide variety of options for binding, paper quality, and covers to print your books at a competitive price. Print your book with us and see how easy it is!

Soft cover books

Soft cover book sample
Soft cover books, also called paperbacks are perfect for the first time publishing authors. This cost effective finishing works great with low quantity runs and can be applied pretty much on any number of pages.

The cover can be printed on all kind of stock: shiny, matte, or any decorative paper. We can add UV coating for extra shine and anti-scratch protection.

Depending on the thickness of the book, we can print on the spine of the book as well. Even though you shouldn’t judge book by it’s cover, there are still those tiny details that can help your publication shine.

Hard cover books

Hard cover book sample
Hard covers have a special presence on any bookshelf. Heavier, sturdier and more impressive than regular paperbacks, the hardcover binding option is ideal for special order, collectable books.

This option not only requires proper equipment but also skills and time. Every book is carefully crafted in the hands of a skilled binder, which is why larger quantities become more cost effective than low quantities.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Barcodes

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Sample
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is an identification number that every published book or non-serial publication possesses. This code is unique to your book and helps publishers and retailers differentiate your book simply by looking it up. If you’re looking to sell or distribute your book, you need to register a unique ISBN. Additionally, an ISBN helps readers and retailers look up your book without confusing the title and genre.

Alberta Printers can generate a barcode from your ISBN and add it to your book design at no extra cost. Bring us your ISBN when you order your book and we’ll take it from there!

Learn more about how to apply for ISBN:

Library and Archives Canada

Ready to print your book? Here’s how we do it, step by step

1. Initial Content

We receive the content from you (text, photos or graphics, etc. in digital format). We always ask that the customer submits the book at an almost-finished stage with very few text changes.

2. Initial Design & Proof

We design the book in its initial stage and send you a proof. This proof is to show overall layout of the book (font type and size, spacing, pagination, position of the titles, subtitles, photos, etc.)

3. Feedback & Updated Proof

You take a look at the overall layout and send us feedback on what is and isn’t working. We make the necessary adjustments and send another round of proofs for further feedback. Once you are happy with the layout and content, you can approve the book for an initial printed proof.

4. Proofreading Stage

At this point we can print a sample in actual size for proofreading. Usually we ask customers to proof read this printed sample and look for any errors or wording changes. It’s a good idea to get your editor or loved one to proofread it for you. There’s always something! You can mark the corrections on the paper for us and we will change your file on our end.

5. Final Editing

We send a final digital proof in PDF format and if the file is approved, we proceed with printing. If there are corrections, we send proofs until you are happy with the final version. We don’t charge extra for sending proofs, but there is an hourly $80 design charge. Hence the closer your initial content is to the final version, the more designing charges you will save.

6. Final File

We send high resolution PDF files including inside of the book and the cover to you. We can also provide Adobe InDesign source files upon request. This option is available as long as we are in business! We will never lock your files.

Want to know more about our book printing services?

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